The city of Chania and capital of the prefecture stands out for her charm and nobility. It is separated in old and new town. The so-called new town, is a modern urban center, with all the amenities of any big city. Nevertheless the experienced eye of a traveler distinguishes elements of her old nobility. As one walks through the picturesque streets of the old town and observes the architecture building of settlements understands the footsteps of the cultures that marked the country’s history and the culture of people.

A stroll in Chania looks like a fairytale. In every corner of the road your appointment with history renews and in every turn a “hero” waits for you and invites you to go on… The old town of Chania is built around the hill of Kasteli and on the ruins of Minoan Kydonia. The city is surrounded by historic neighborhoods where people of different nationalities, culture and religion lived. The monuments that they left, gave Chania a special character. In Topanas district, which is located in the northern part of the town the wealthy Greeks were inhabited in the years of Turkish occupation. When someone walks on the cobbled streets can see old venetian mansions but also Turkish houses.