Samaria Gorge

The canyon is the biggest in Europe with 18 km length and the road that we walk in it is 14 km. His width ranges from 150 to 3 meters, at its narrowest point, the Doors. It was proclaimed a national park, in 1962 to protect rare flora and fauna. In 1980 it was awarded by the Council of Europe as one of the most beautiful areas.

Due to its wild form, is the only place that the “beast” still lives as the locals call the cretan wild goat. A lot of rare species of birds also live and along the gorge many and rare herbs such as burning bush and wild flowers grow.

In the gorge is forbidden: hunting, setting fires, collecting flowers and herbs, and also spending the night. Throughout the length of the route there are guards but also guides with mules that carry with a fare, whoever has a problem.