Akoition hotel is suited at one of the most enchanting beaches of Chania. It is also located 9km west of the city centre of Chania, on the main road near the northern coastline.

Situated in the magnificent town of Agia Marina and just one-half kilometre from the bustling town of Platanias Village. Akoition Hotel, is 25 km from the Chania Airport, 15 kilometres from the Souda Port, and just a one kilometre drive off of the National Road. Just outside of the hotel there are conveniently located bus stops to Chania and Kíssamos, and is walking distance from a multitude of supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, banks, post office, and shopping areas.

To visit us, you can take a direct charter flight from any European airport to the Chania Airport or the Heraklion Airport, which is a two hour drive to Chania. You can also schedule a flight to Chania through the Athens Airport with Aegean Airlines or Olympic Airlines.

Chania is also accessible by the Ferry boats of Anek Lines and Minoan Lines, which connect Athens to the Souda port and the Heraklion port respectively. During the summer months, there are more ferry routes from other sea lines available. The beautiful town of Chania is an exquisite sight with an important historical background; a town that has kept its charm and unique ambience alive.


According to the legend Posidon saved the area from the gigantic sea creature that was threatening to destroy it, by transforming it to the well-known little island that has served many times as a fortress and was called Akoition in the ancient times. Later, during the era of Venetian occupation, the island was named Thodorou, when in 1547 two fortresses, where built on the island. One, located at the highest point and polygonical in shape was called Tourlourou and the other was located lower and was called Saint Theodore (hence the name of the island, Thodorou).The total cost was 21.500 dukata (the currency of the era). The hotel has the name of the island it faces. Akoition or Thodorou played a very important role during the Venetian period as well as during the Turkish occupation period since the venetian castles where the first to be conquered by the Othoman Turks. The siege started in June, 24 1645 and the Turks had 400 ships and 50.000 soldiers. The Venetian Commander Biagio Gulian was defending the island with his 70 soldiers. When he realized that the Turkish army was wining the battle, he gathered the few soldiers that where left and opened the gates of the castle pretending he was surrendering. When the Turkish army was in the castle he blew up the ammunition that was stored in the castle, killing a lot of enemy soldiers. This is the first holocaust in the island of Crete, two hundred years before the Arkadi holocaust. The Turkish army used this little island as a base, from where they attacked Crete and finally were able to conquer the whole of the island and occupied it for 250 years.

- AREA -

Agia Marina village is located only 9km away from Chania and has a lot of specialized places on the beach where you can try all kinds of water sports, such as:

  • windsurfing,
  • waterski,
  • scuba diving.

In addition you can try local greek specialities in the several restaurants that exist in the Area or you can shop in the shops of the area. For those that prefer the countryside, there is the area around the river Iardanos (or Keritis), located 2km from the hotel, which is an area of rare natural beauty (supported by the program Natura of the European Union) that is ideal for long walks in the countryside or for biking.

The bus-stop to Chania or to the traditional villages in the Cretan mountains is just in front of the hotel, so your visit to Minoan, Byzantine, Venetian and Othoman sites of Crete is made easy.


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